A calculator with 10 computing modes in a single utility + a helpful scientific reference facility – completely different modes permit: 1) primary arithmetic (each decimals and fractions), 2) scientific calculations, 3) hex, oct & bin format calculations, 4) graphing functions, 5) matrices, 6) advanced numbers, 7) fast formulation (together with the flexibility to create customized formulation), 8) fast conversions, 9) fixing algebraic equations & 10) time calculations.

Please notice that web permission is required to permit entry to foreign money trade charges within the conversion operate

Features embrace:

  • Normal Arithmetic Features
  • Trigonometric Features – radians, levels & gradients – together with hyperbolic choice
  • Energy & Root Features
  • Log Features
  • Modulus Perform
  • Random Quantity Features
  • Permutations (nPr) & Combos (nCr)
  • Highest Frequent Issue & Lowest Frequent A number of
  • Statistics Features – Statistics Abstract (returns the depend (n), sum, product, sum of squares, minimal, most, median, imply, geometric imply, variance, coefficient of variation & normal deviation of a collection of numbers), Bessel Features, Beta Perform, Beta Likelihood Density, Binomial Distribution, Chi-Squared Distribution, Confidence Interval, Digamma Perform, Error Perform, Exponential Density, Fisher F Density, Gamma Perform, Gamma Likelihood Density, Hypergeometric Distribution, Regular Distribution, Poisson Distribution, Scholar T-Density & Weibull Distribution
  • Conversion Features – covers all frequent items for distance, space, quantity, weight, density, velocity, stress, vitality, energy, frequency, magnetic flux density, dynamic viscosity, temperature, warmth switch coefficient, time, angles, information measurement, gasoline effectivity & trade charges
  • Constants – a variety of inbuilt constants listed in Four classes:

    1) Bodily & Astronomical Constants – press to incorporate right into a calculation or lengthy press for extra info on the fixed and its relationship to different constants

    2) Periodic Desk – a full itemizing of the periodic desk – press to enter a component’s atomic mass right into a calculation or lengthy press for extra info on the chosen factor – the app additionally features a clickable, pictorial illustration of the periodic desk

    3) Photo voltaic System – press to enter a planet’s orbit distance right into a calculation or lengthy press for extra info on the chosen planet

    4) My Constants – a set of private constants that may be added through the Historical past
  • Convert between hex, oct, bin & dec
  • AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, NOR & XNOR Features
  • Left Hand & Proper Hand Shift
  • Plotter with a desk additionally accessible along with the graph
  • Advanced numbers in Cartesian, Polar or Euler Id format
  • The principle display screen of the calculator will also be set to Fractions Mode for normal arithmetic capabilities together with use of parentheses, squares, cubes and their roots
  • 20 Reminiscence Registers in every of the calculation modes
  • An entire report of every calculation is saved within the calculation historical past, the results of which can be utilized in future calculations

    An in depth assist facility is out there which additionally consists of some helpful scientific reference sections overlaying names within the metric system, helpful mathematical formulation and an in depth itemizing of bodily legal guidelines containing a quick description of every legislation.

    A default display screen structure is out there for every operate exhibiting all buttons on one display screen or, alternatively, all of the capabilities are additionally accessible on a spread of scrollable layouts that are extra appropriate for small screens – output could be set to scroll both vertically (the default) or horizontally as most popular – output font measurement could be elevated or decreased by lengthy urgent the + or – buttons

    A full vary of settings permit straightforward customisation – transfer to SD for two.2+ customers

    Please e mail any questions that aren’t answered within the assist part or any requests for bug fixes, modifications or extensions concerning the capabilities of the calculator – glad to assist wherever potential.


18/10 (ver 4.0.1)

* bug repair in constants (when making a customized method) inadvertently launched within the earlier replace

05/10 (ver 4.0.0)

* added Integer Sequences (Fibonacci Numbers, Catalan Numbers and Polygonal Numbers) to the Reference Part

* Calculus (By-product and Indefinite Integral) – after the calculation, lengthy press the output show to indicate a graph of the enter and end result

Screenshot :

Obtain :

TechCalc+ Scientific Calculator (adfree) v4.6.7 APK / Mirror

TechCalc+ Scientific Calculator (adfree) v4.6.2 APK / Mirror